TANK ACE 1944 HELP Seize the enemy capitol by destroying enemy tanks and convoys in each map sector in your path. If your tank is destroyed, sinks, or runs out of fuel you are forced to retreat towards your capitol. MAIN MENU New Game - start a new game. Resume - resume play from most recent session. Sound - toggle sound on or off. Exit - stop the game. The current game is saved. NEW GAME MENU Allied, German, Soviet Ace -- select Tank Ace allegiance. Allied Ace commands a Sherman tank and advances on Berlin to the East. Soviet Ace commands a T34 tank and advances on Berlin to the West. German Ace commands a Tiger tank and advances on London to the West and Moscow to the East. Level - Easy, Medium, or Hard. As the game gets harder there are more enemies to defeat. Back - return to main menu. GAME PLAY Shoot at tanks until they explode. Ram trucks until they stop to liberate supplies - full version only. Destroy enemy on far bank to East or West, according to orders. Press eject to display the in game menu and status panel. STATUS PANEL Enemy - the number of tanks and trucks to be destroyed in this map sector. When this reaches zero you advance to the next sector, keeping any extra supplies. Rounds - the number of cannon rounds remaining. Fuel - the amount of fuel remaining. Armor - the amount of armor left on your tank. Enemy shots reduce your armor strength. When armor goes to zero your tank has no defense against enemy shots. DRIVE MENU Move the tank by pressing up, down, left, and right. Press select to fire. 0 Menu - displays menu and status panel. 2 Go - up - drive tank forward. 4 Left, 6 Right - pivot tank left or right. 5 Fire - select - shoot the gun 8 Back - down - drive tank backwards. 3 View - switch between perspective and overhead view. 9 Aim - switch to aim mode, where directional keys control turret. In addition, the gun can be raised and lowered by pressing 1 and 7. AIM MENU Move the turret and barrel by pressing up, down, left, and right. Press select to fire. 2 Up, 4 Left, 6 Right, 8 Down - aim the gun. 5 Fire - select - shoot the gun 3 View - switch between perspective and overhead view. 9 Drive - switch back to drive mode. TOUCH CONTROLS If you are using touch and the game menu is off, the up, down, left, right, and fire screen areas can still be used for control. KEYBOARD CONTROLS 2 Up 4 Left 5 Select 6 Right 8 Down TIPS To climb up steep terrain try driving up it on a diagonal to the slope. The last few enemies in a sector will appear on the far East or West bank of the river, depending on your orders. Allied Ace always advances to the East, Soviet Ace always advances to the West. East is right, West is left in the overhead view. If you get confused try driving along the river until you spot enemies on the far shore. Thank you for playing Tank Ace 1944. Home

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